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“I am not buying it!”

This expression has made me wonder how the supply and demand model amounts in the aggregate process of communication.
By rethinking, I modified the model to fit language in a global market and concluded that the model may very well be used to determine the equilibrium values of perception and quantity/quality of information.

In other words, the effectiveness of the communication process and its value in a global market is determined by both.

In this model, the upward sloping supply curve could represent those combinations of perception and quality of information that
senders (=sellers), in aggregate, are willing to offer; while the downward sloping curve represents those combinations that receivers (= buyers), in aggregate, are willing to accept.

The intersection of the two curves is the unique point at which there is neither a surplus (an excess of supply over demand), nor a shortage (an excess of demand over supply).

This is the point in the process of global communication where we can reach an awareness to a state of trusting personal interpretation as well as adopting cultural, economical, global and social perceptions through sharing by listening, learning, exchanging and revolving around, rising up to the occasion.

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